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The 8 most popular Theatre Words books!
Now shipping in only 0-2 weeks!

We’ve made an analysis of which of the 60 different print-on-demand books you, and all of our dear customers, have ordered the most from us.

And we can now present the top 8 list of the most ordered Print-on-demand Theatre Words books.

With that data we have made arrangements with our printer so that we can now decrease the shipping time from about 12-16 weeks to about 0-2 weeks !

Which is great for the perfect winter holiday gift.

Here is the top 8 list of the most popular Theatre Words books ever ordered:

All are available to order here at and you can click on a book directly below to get to any of the editions:

1. (39%) English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian (“WE”)
2. (24%) German, English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Russian (“12253300”)
3. (11%) English, French, German, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish (“NE1”)
4. (8%) Danish, English, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Russian, Spanish (“11487975”)
5. (6%) English, French, German, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak (“CE1”)
6. (6%) Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian (“7686645”)
7. (4%) English, French, German, Italian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian (“NE2”)
8. (2%) English, French, German, Dutch, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian (“CE2”)

Now you do not have to wait so long to get your books.
And there is still at least one book available for every language.
All of them are 256 pages with empty + millimeter grid pages between the text part and the illustrated supplement in the back of the book.

They are the perfect pocket size at 11 x 17 x 1 cm / 4.3 x 6.7 x 0.4 inch (width x height x thickness) and all have a great durable cover and are printed in the highest quality print-on-demand technology.

Thanks to the unique systematic word numbers, every Theatre Words book works great in combination with all other Theatre Words books as well as all the apps that are available for both iPhone/iPad as well as Android!

If you are looking to find all books that contain a particular language you can click on a language here:

Bulgarian | Czech | Danish | Dutch | English | Estonian | Finnish | French | German | Hungarian | Icelandic | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Latvian | Lithuanian | Norwegian | Polish | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Slovak | Spanish | Swedish

Best regards and we wish you happy winter holidays 2019

Olle Söderberg, Executive editor Theatre Words
Tony Helinsky, computer work and graphic design Theatre Words

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