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Upgrade Theatre Words iOS to the Gold Edition !

You can now upgrade to the Theatre Words iOS Gold Edition if you have any of the “smaller” iOS editions!
To upgrade…
…from the iOS Theatre Words Light Edition (LE)
go get the bundle “Theatre Words GE+LE”
…from the iOS Theatre Words World Edition (WE)
go get the bundle “Theatre Words GE+WE”
…from the iOS Theatre Words Central Europe (CE)
go get the bundle “Theatre Words Collection GE+WE+NE+CE+LE”
…from the iOS Theatre Words Northern Europe (NE)
go get the bundle “Theatre Words Collection GE+WE+NE+CE+LE”
And actually having more than one of the Theatre Words app means you can set one of the apps to translate between two or three languages that you frequently translate between and the other app to translate between other languages.
IMPORTANT NOTE! To see the right price make sure to that you get to the page where it says “Complete My Bundle” which you should if you click the links above. If you see the “Bundle” in a list you will not see the correct price you will pay. The price will be the difference between the current price for the edition you already have and the price of the Gold Edition, except for the CE and NE editions due to limits in the App store.
Unfortunately this upgrade option does not exist for Android app users at this moment.
Best regards and we want to once again wish you happy winter holidays whenever they come
Olle Söderberg, Executive editor Theatre Words
Tony Helinsky, computer work and graphic design Theatre Words