Here at Theatre Words we offer you
six printed editions and
six downloadable pdf editions
that cover a total of 24 languages!
PLUS Apps for iOS and Android!
Every single word can be
translated to and from every language.
Even across different books and apps
because they all use the same unique word number.

All printed books cost from 29 EUR each plus 9 EUR per order for shipping by regular post no matter where it is shipped in the world and no matter what quantity (the more books you order the better discount you get as we thereby discount your order with the difference between 9 EUR and the real cost of shipping). All downloadable books cost 15 EUR and are available for immediate download after payment. VAT is discounted and not added for persons and institutions without VAT number. For institutions with VAT number, all prices are excluding VAT, please state your registered VAT number in the comments when you order.

Click a language below to show all printed and downloadable editions that contain that language.

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